Table of domestic coal resources

      Coal is created by the sedimentation of fossil fuels over millions of years until the sediment becomes a type of sedimentary rock. mineral used as a fuel Light brown to black in color, flammable and has skin that is both greasy and matte Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases and liquids make up the majority of light weight waiting to gain weight. Sulfur, for example, is significantly contaminated in lesser concentrations. The higher the carbon content, the less contaminants there are. Pre-combustion technology is increasingly being regarded as an excellent grade coal. Dust, dirt, rubble, and inorganic compounds are all removed from the rock during this process. Combustion technology is used to minimize ash and sulfur content. It is a method of removing or reducing pollution from the system during the use of coal. A pollution capture system is post-burning technology. before being discharged into the environment, and dust produced by the combustion process.

Table for coal exploration